Flight route map guide

This guide to flight route maps is designed to inform visitors on the various types of flight route maps and their use. Two great places to find flight route maps are either on an individual airline’s website, or on a particular airport’s website. In this post we discuss some of the pros and cons of route maps, how they might be used, and how the flight information contained in this website might differ from and supplement route maps.

Airline specific route maps are often interactive, where one simply selects an origin city, and the map shows either nonstop or connecting airports which can be reached on that airline’s flight network. Why use an airline specific route map? Sometimes one might wish to fly to a particular destination, ideally using a particular airline, perhaps to collect frequent flyer miles on that airline, or because the flyer prefers them because of reasons like great service or good prices. A flight routing map for an individual airline can help determine if an airline flies to the desired destination, and if that service is nonstop / direct, or involves flying through a connecting city.

One of the nice things about route maps shown on an airport’s own website is that their route map will typically cover flights from all airlines that fly in and out of that individual airport. One problem with using the airport specific route map approach is that some of the smaller airports might not have their own map displayed online.

A third way to find route maps is in the flight magazines that many of the major airlines produce, and which are most commonly tucked into the plane seat back pouches. These airline specific route maps are typically printed towards the end of the publication.

Some of the challenges of using flight routes maps in general is that they can sometimes be overwhelming with so many lines and numerous airports all shown on a single image. When the network is especially large, it can sometimes be hard to tell which lines are which as they are so close together. Well designed online route maps can overcome these difficulties by only displaying subsets of the flight routes, based on a selected city perhaps.

In contrast to route maps, this website: FlightRouting.com provides information about flights between particular airport pairs. By focusing on a particular origin and destination, instead of displaying an entire flight network on a page, much detail on flights between those two cities can be provided. The pages on this site lists the distance of various flight routes between the airports, average one way flight costs of the various flights between the cities, and other information designed to help the user make an informed choice of flight. Hope you might explore the rest of this site to perhaps learn more about flights to your destination airport and city.

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