Flight Routings

Welcome to flightrouting.com which provides information on flight routes for particular desireable aircraft type, such as the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787. From a selected origin city in the USA this site’s posts list flight schedules, departure and arriving times, connections, duration, and the carrier which flies the route. This site can help you:

  • Find an A380 or a 787 flight
  • Find what has historically been the cheapest flight routing to your destination.
  • Determing which route provides the lowest cost per mile, which may be of interest to people looking for mileage runs to accumulate frequent flyer miles.
  • Compare the flight distance for various connecting flight itineraries.
  • To see which route is most frequently taken by passengers.

There are several ways to use the site to find information on the flight or city pair you’re interested in. Probably the easiest and quickest is the search box, which appears in the upper right of the page. For example, you might type in PHL to PDX, which would bring up posts about the flights from Philadelphia to Portland.

Another way to use the site and explore flights is by clicking on the state where the airport you’re flying out of is. This will often bring up many pages which cover flights in and out of that airport, or connecting through that airport.

Hope you find this site to be a useful resource for your flight planning needs. Visit the site again soon.

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