A380 flights out of Boston

There is one destination on one airline from Boston that utilizes an A380 aircraft on the route. It is British Airways flying nonstop to London from and to Boston. Here are the details:

Boston (BOS) to London (LHR) – British Airways, A380-800, departing Boston in the early evening at 7:15pm to arrive London at 6:50 am. 6 hrs and 35 minutes duration. Flying on Sundays (with a 10 min or so later departure), Mondays, and Fridays: three days a week. On the other days the airline uses different metal (aircraft types) on this segment.

This is an overnight flight, and such redeye flights can be very nice, but it is quite short at about six and a half hours. Meaning there won’t be too much time to enjoy the great A380 amenities, and also not much time to get a full nights rest while onboard the huge Airbus airplane.