767 domestic routes

767 domestic routes within the USA.

I like flying the 767 as it is a nice mid-sized wide-body aircraft typically with a 2-3-2 seat configuration in economy. So there are lots of aisle seats, and I like sitting in blocks of 2 seats instead of 3. It is also enjoyable to be on a larger, modern plane compared to many of the smaller aircraft which fly routes within the US, and which often have a 3-3 seating configuration.

While often used on international flights in and out of the US and between various countries around the world, 767s can also be found on some flights wholly within the USA. This page attempts to provide a list of such domestic 767 flights, so that those travelers who’d like to try out the 767 or prefer wide-body aircraft, perhaps for their mileage run, can find the flight routing with the aircraft type they are looking for.

767 aircraft have been used on the following routes listed below (including both directions, outbound and inbound, typically). Please keep in mind that airlines do sometimes switch the aircraft type on a route, and many fly a variety of aircraft between city pairs.

Flights in and out of the state of Hawaii account for a lot of the domestic 767 flight routings:

EWR-HNL (flights from Newark to Honolulu)
OAK-HNL (from Oakland to Honolulu)
SEA-OGG (Seattle to Kahului)
SFO-OGG (San Francisco to Kahului)
SFO-HNL (San Francisco to Honolulu)
SFO-KOA (San Francisco to Kona)
SJC-HNL (San Jose to Honolulu)
PDX-HNL (Portland to Honolulu)
PHX-HNL (Phoenix to Honolulu)

However, there are several others airport pairs which have had and often still have I believe flights using a 767 aircraft. Since for domestic flights the 767 is quite large compared to more typically used aircraft, it tends to be found on more popular routes between major airports and cities.

ATL-SAN (between Atlanta and San Diego)
EWR-IAH (flights from Newark to Houston)
IAD-SFO (Washington to San Francisco)
JFK-LAX (New York to Los Angeles)
JFK-SFO (New York to San Francisco)
ORD-SFO (Chicago to San Francisco)

For more information on these and other flights, you might utilize some of this site’s other pages which we hope are helpful and useful.

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