Flights from Santa Rosa to Santa Ana

Typical flight prices, connection options, and distance information for Santa Rosa (STS) to Santa Ana (SNA) flights is listed below. Also provided is the relative popularity of the various airport layovers and the cost per mile for frequent flyers looking for a mileage run. The average one way airfares can help a traveler compare flight prices and find low cost / cheap flight deals from Santa Rosa to Santa Ana. Select a table header to sort.

Flight Route Popularity Distance (Miles) Avg Cost One Way ($) Avg Cost Per Mile ($)
STS SNA 135 0433 142.27 0.33
STS LAX SNA 013 0435 166.08 0.38

The STS SNA direct flight itinerary was the most frequently used from Santa Rosa to Santa Ana. STS SNA had the lowest average cost per mile: $0.33 – good for earning more frequent flyer miles.

Potential stopover or connecting airport cities when flying from STS to SNA may include:

  • Los Angeles – LAX

Flights between Santa Ana California and Santa Rosa California are compared in the table above. This page can help those interested in mileage runs deals and flying distance as well as best flight prices for tickets. It is relevant to booking cheap flights departing from Santa Rosa CA and arriving Santa Ana CA and also to the average cost of flights or one way flight fares.